Top 10 Real Estate Companies to Watch in 2018

Top 10 Real Estate Companies to Watch in 2018



This company is offering a 24/7 lead engagement team who will contact your fresh leads within 5 minutes, ask all the right questions and filter out the unmotivated leads from the hot prospects. With Agentology’s team behind your business, you’ll be able to engage quickly and convert more of your leads to sales. They are powered by a 100% U.S. based team who is trained to gather all the information you need in a friendly conversation with your potential leads. You have access to every conversation Agentology has with your leads and they keep you in the loop every step of the way. If you’re not interested in a lead, you can refer them to someone else through Agentology’s network with a 25% referral fee on each closed deal.


As Virtual Reality develops into a tool for professionals, it’s no wonder that the real estate industry has found excellent ways to utilize this kind of technology. Transported will create virtual walkthroughs of your properties to make your listing pages more engaging. The process takes about an hour and the VR tours are easy to embed on your own webpage or share on social media. If you’re looking to reach a global audience and update your marketing, take a look at adding Transported’s VR to your website.


Agent Inbox offers a modern messaging experience for agents, brokerages, and customers. This platform is powered by MLS data and makes it easy to centralize each deal from start to finish. Instead of vague text messages from unknown numbers, each client has a profile that has all of their information in one place. You can stay up to date on individual deals, while handling multiple clients and properties concurrently. By having all this information available in one central location, it makes it easy to deliver a higher level of service and attentiveness to your clients.


HomeSpotter aims to turn the entire real estate buying process into a more enjoyable and organized process through their elegant apps for both buyer and agent. By taking the functionality of multiple platforms (apps, websites, CRM software, texts, emails and phone calls) and putting it in one place, they’ve solved the problem of the disorganized paper trail. Within the app, buyers and agents can communicate via text, organize notes and comments for each home, all through an easy to use app, branded for each agent or brokerage.


MyPlanit is an app that allows you to manage your busy schedule while staying better connected with your clients. Strategically plan your day to be as efficient as possible with the powerful planning and notifications center. You can view upcoming calendar appointments, see directions and communicate with attendees. MyPlanit offers one location to view the latest messages from your clients and team members, as well as see new listings that match your clients’ preferences and schedule a showing with one click. MyPlanit keeps a record of your schedule in the past as well as your future, tracking location, time and people you were with. If you want to try the MyPlanit exclusively for Real Estate, you’ll be a beta tester until the bugs are worked, but it combines listing data and photos are automatically, making your life as a busy real estate agent a little easier.


ListingZen wants to unify today’s patchwork of real estate apps and services by turning the single property website into a collaborative database. By using Artificial Intelligence, they’ll be able to maximize effectiveness and minimize effort. This website helps control all the moving parts of a property listing, making it easy to manage floor plans, photos, videos, inspection reports and documents in one single portal.


Not sure what you need to do while moving? Updater consolidates everything you need to do in one easy place. They work with landlords and home service companies to make your life easier when trying to switch places. You can update accounts, forward mail, book a moving company, transfer utilities and home services all from the app.  The tools that they’ve built help millions of people move.


Advertised as “city living done right,” Common offers private rooms for rent with beautiful shared spaces in friendly homes. These homes are made up of diverse members, recent college grads, established professionals, singles and couples alike. This is a flexible, convenient, affordable way to enjoy life in a vibrant urban community. Your private bedroom is furnished and the common areas are fully furnished, with a high end kitchen, dishware, weekly cleaning, basic supplies, free on-site laundry, free high-speed wi-fi and maintenance services included. They’ve taken the headache of finding the perfect living situation and without adding a giant price tag.


This company is taking the pain out of buying, selling and renting apartments. The software anticipates and capitalizes on future market activity to match prospective buyers, sellers, and renters. You’ll be able to make better real estate decisions by accessing our inventory of off-market properties. In the past, real estate technology has been focused on media centered companies who sell ads on listing search pages, but Triplemint wants to focus on the actual consumer experience. Each agent is a full-time employee at Triplemint and not working just for their commission from each closed sale. Part of their compensation depends on a consumer satisfaction score, which incentivizes agents to make the experience painless and easy for each client.


Our final mention on the list is Compass, who has recently been in the news for continuing to grow quickly and exponentially in the past few months. Compass allows you to discover home trends in your market, hand selected by local experts. These homes are curated by design, amenities, and neighborhood and provide a visual snapshot of the most sought-after properties.  By partnering with trusted talent, you can navigate the world of real estate with an expert that you can trust. Use the compass mobile app to search smarter from anywhere, get market insights for your area or explore neighborhoods.