7 Reasons Why People select A Career in Real Estate Sales

Why choose a career in real estate? With all the men and women I have had the pleasure to meet and discuss the benefits of a real estate career; there is a common thread for their desire to move forward with a career in real estate sales. Regardless of age, sex, or cultural background, these seven reasons are accurate when the decision was made to enroll in the real estate courses to obtain the qualifications necessary to become a licensed real estate agent. See how many of these principles apply to you as you consider a career in real estate:

1. Essential Product

Food, clothing and shelter is a basic need for all mankind since the beginning of time. As a real estate agent we help people make the proper decisions when searching for the home that best suits their affordability and lifestyle needs. Besides finding the perfect home for our customers, a dedicated and qualified real estate professional is paramount in helping their clients with sub-division development, individual vacant land parcels, new home construction, recreational property, revenue/investment property and commercial property just to mention a few of the real estate requirements a customer may have. It is rewarding to be an integral part of a person’s needs when someone is selling, buying or investing in real estate.

2. People Skills

If you enjoy interacting with people, then real estate sales maybe the exact career path for you to pursue. A true real estate professional understands the foundation for success in a real estate career is built upon strong customer relationships. Not too many careers allow you to meet people from all walks of life and from every corner of our planet. Meeting a client, helping a client and then being rewarded with a lifelong friend or acquaintance after the real estate transaction is achieved is one of the many rewards we enjoy being a real estate agent.

3. Independent Contractor

When you become a real estate agent you are whats known as an Independent Contractor. You really are a business within a business. In fact you are the CEO of Company You. Having Independent Contractor status also allows a real estate agent to have taxable benefits with their business expenses.

4. Freedom and Flexibility

Unlike a regular job, being a real estate agent lets you decide the hours you wish to work and also the days you wish to work. With proper business planning in your new real estate career, you can genuinely work five days a week and have the option to work more hours and days if you so desire. Depending on your personal goals and how you wish to build your clientele base often will determine the amount of time you will spend in your real estate business. There are real estate agents that haven’t used an alarm clock since the day they started their new real estate career. Being your own boss allows you to be the architect of your new real estate career.

5. Unlimited Income Potential

Once you have established your clientele you can decide and plan the income you want to have in your real estate career. The only person that can hold you back from success in your real estate career is you. The sky is the limit and many real estate brokerages offer business coaching and mentoring to help you on your journey to achieve your financial goals. Not many careers allow you to give yourself a pay raise.

6. Career Stability

Because a real estate career is involved with an essential product, there is always a demand for property regardless of current economic conditions. When an economy is depressed, in real estate sales there are no career lay-offs. Does it mean for those of us in real estate to survive, or achieve our financial goals, we have to work harder or possibly longer hours? Yes, absolutely depending on what your personal ambition may be. The real estate agents with the proper work ethic, genuine care for their clients real estate needs, are the professionals whom typically will achieve their personal goals in any economic market condition.

7. Career Path Opportunities

Most people will begin their new real estate career and become a new real estate agent to assist people with their residential property needs. By virtue of being a real estate career professional we are exposed to different service and product offerings that tie into people buying and selling homes. There are additional career paths many have ventured into as a result of starting out as a new real estate salesperson. In our industry there are additional course options to enhance your real estate business and services, or to pursue an additional career direction such as real estate management/broker, real estate appraisal, commercial real estate, property management and mortgage lending/broker to name a few.

Amongst our peers in the real estate industry we all agree that some or all of these seven reasons are the motivating cause as to why we chose real estate sales as our new career.