Seventeen Tips for a Successful Career in Real Estate Sales17 Tips for a Successful Career in Real Estate Sales


1. Be cautious in implementing rules learned from mentors who are not where you want to be in net worth, happiness, family, fun and peace. You won’t know, so ask a lot of questions!

2. When you are being sold a costly or tedious answer for a small real estate business issue, simply state “no!” 

3. The quickest method to move and remain at the top of the class is to spend no more than two hours a day on seller lead generation.

4. Most average agents are great in great markets. Only great agents are great in rotten markets too. Great agents are not born: They are trained.

5. Huge deposits cure most closing problems.

6. Net is more important than gross. 

7. Continuing education credits may not teach you how to sell more, make more and have happier clients. Don’t choose your training solely based on continuing education requirements. 

8. Invest almost no energy or cash producing buyer leads in any market. Spend it on creating seller leads. 

9. Keep in mind, you are in sales. You can’t help anybody until you comprehend the customers’ needs, offer arrangements, request their business and conquer complaints — in one sitting! 

10. Hanging out with real estate agents in your town will make you little money.

11. Trust a lender to whom you give most of your business.

12. It’s 2014. We’re in an online real estate world: Get in the game or get out. 

13. All great agents run out of energy and resources. Invest in your future.

14. You work for free until closing, so get to the closing table as quickly as possible. 

15. Establish a track record and constantly work on improving it.

16. Request a preapproval before showing a property

17. Decide where you want to go. Say what you’ll do and do what you say. What you do matters much more than what you say you’re going to do.