Top 10 Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents

The College of Real Estate CORE Top 10 Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents


Hello, people. Welcome to CORE College of Real Estate. Today, we will tackle the top secrets of successful real estate agents.

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What are the three main reasons that real estate agents don’t survive in the industry?

The College of Real Estate CORE Top 10 Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents SuccessNew real estate agents are often excited to start earning money, but they forget the costs involved with starting their own business. Most people aren’t aware that they need to account for the expense of tools and marketing material and constantly having internet access, as well as other small expenditures such as stationary, the cost of their swipes and any additional training that opens up new avenues in the industry.

You must be constantly mindful when you are trying to become successful in the real estate industry. Successful agents don’t get complacent about their success.

What does it take to be today’s top-producing real estate agent?

Create a Business Plan

Success depends on many different factors, but having a plan in place is an important starting point. Top-producing agents don’t reach their goals by accident. The success you see is the likely result of trial and error combined with hard work. Without a plan, there’s no telling where you’ll end up. Even if you’re not exactly sure where you want to go, having a flexible plan is better than having no plan at all.

Set Goals

Setting goals and reaching them helps you to be successful. Successful people are always setting goals, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Setting small goals will make you gradually grow your business and eventually reach long-term goals over time.

Determine Your Budget

Establish a budget and save up for at least six months. Your living expenses and business budget should be calculated to make sure it’s enough to get you started selling property.

Set Reasonable Expectations

Becoming a real estate agent can take time and effort before you start receiving profits. The location you live in affects how successful you can be. For example, California has more million-dollar agents per capita than any other state.

Prioritize Client Relationships

A crucial part of attracting new clients is how well you communicate with and understanding your client. Doing so builds respect for the relationship, which results in referrals if done well.

Fun Fact: On average, trust referral business plays a major role in 89% of all real estate transactions.

Collaborate Well With Other People

Try to work with your other agents, and not against them. Communication and professionalism are essential when it comes to collaboration.

Develop a Positive Attitude

To be successful, you have to believe you can be and top-producing agents don’t waste time worrying about not being successful. Everyone has bad days and instead of letting them bring you down, learn what goes wrong and fix it next time.

Stay Inspired

The College of Real Estate CORE Top 10 Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents CollaborationYou need to be committed to your real estate work if you want success. As of now, 87% of new real estate agents fail after their first 5 years. These failures are usually due to either a lack of understanding about what is involved in the field or the amount of hours required.

It takes someone special to succeed in this business. You need to be ready to work when conditions are difficult and clients are rude.

Some people need help staying motivated and focused to accomplish their goals.

Don’t Overwork Yourself

Agents today are successful because they know that the key to their success is working efficiently, using their time and energy wisely.

These agents and brokers make sure to schedule time away from work for themselves, in order to pursue their dreams. It’s important to remember that balance is key to success, by working too hard and not taking care of yourself.

Take Care of Your Database 

The best leads are the ones from your word of mouth marketing who already have a meaningful relationships with you. This is why it’s important to nurture those relationships, as they’ll generate more sales.

The most successful agents know it’s crucial to continually add engaging and informative content to their site. The more quality content you have, the more leads you’ll get.

Make your own contact list by listing all the information about your leads. You can do this without using high-priced customer relationship software, and the alternatives are either offline or are available for free.

Do Not Always Focus on Selling

The College of Real Estate CORE Top 10 Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents House for SaleKnowing good sales tactics can be a boon to a career in real estate, but sometimes pushing past what is considered the stereotypical behavior of a hard-selling agent can help you.

Sellers who are struggling should think of themselves as consultants, instead of a salespeople. This way they will be able to focus on the potential buyers needs. They should also work on their photography skills and their ability to write compelling descriptions about listings.

Some of the most important skills for a real estate agent are people skills, self-motivation, and problem-solving.

Think Like a Small Business

Independent contractors operate like small businesses, and can be successful by thinking like a small business rather than as an employee.

From the beginning of your career, prepare for life-changing events and invest in relationships. Create a flexible business with long-term goals to withstand any changes that may happen.

A good business plan is a dependable way to increase success and avert disaster.

Before getting a client, it is important to have a plan for your business. This should include understanding your market and what sets you apart from others. You should also have the right tools to succeed in your career, such as skills that you don’t have yet.

Growing your prospect base is important, but Copymatic also has a plan for how to grow your business. Different Copymatic plans offer different features, with our most basic plan only needing the potential client’s name and address.

The College of Real Estate CORE Top 10 Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents TeamworkEarly-career real estate agents try to jumpstart their business by focusing on getting the first client or making the first sale. Keeping an eye on cash flow on the other hand, will make their business last longer.

To be successful at work, it is important to budget for both business expenses and personal ones. Create a spreadsheet of your living expenses that include both mandatory costs, like rent, and discretionary costs, like coffee on your way to work. Your income should cover these expenses in addition to your business expenditures and budget for growth and emergencies.

You Do Not Have to “List to Last”

You don’t need to list properties as a real estate agent, if you’re only selling. You can work with buyers and not have property listings.

Building a diverse skill set, where you are proficient in two fields, will allow for more ways to make money. Requires less investment into the skill.

Alleviate Assumptions

Every new business should avoid making assumptions. Real estate agents need to be on the lookout to see where success will come from.

New industry relationships are hard to form and maintained, so don’t rely on one relationship. You should tell your family and friends about your new career, but you shouldn’t expect them to provide you with referrals right away.

You should take shifts from others to increase your opportunity to meet more prospects, and spread out your time between the brokerage office and online.

There is a lot of competition in this field, but it can be profitable for those who are confident. Many new real estate agents fail because they don’t plan ahead well enough, so make smart assumptions about how to stay successful and think about the way your career will progress.

Build a Referral Business

Agents are those who stay contacted with their known connections in order to keep branching out. This may mean hosting an open house in exchange for information on attendees.

Leverage Administrative Work

The College of Real Estate CORE Top 10 Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents Don't OverworkThe best real estate agents leverage work to others and they free up their time by hiring administrative assistants when business is really rolling in. The digital age has many technological advancements that are increasingly being embraced. One such advancement is AI and predictive data modelling, which is key because it’s a way to constantly update and improve upon existing and emerging systems for agents in the digital age.

Diverse Accessibility for All

Digital marketing has become critical for real estate agents. Agents need to have quick responses on phone calls and other forms of contact with consumers.

Intuitive Fostering

Many agents let an opportunity slip by and instead spend their money on marketing. However, first-time visitors are rarely ready to do business when they visit your website for the first time. To avoid this occurrence, top agents will fill in a sales funnel by automatically retargeting, following up with emails and other measures that the visitor is aware of.

Scalable Digital Suite

Estate agents need to check and modify their CRM system to scale with the size of their business. Working professionals should have a strong understanding of what CRM is, and which one will work best for their business.

Set Your Goals

Professionals in the real estate industry often revisit and update their professional targets along the way. These include making a short/long-term vision statement, deciding which strategies work best for them, or figuring out how to keep their USP (unique selling point).

Content Is King

Web content helps establish agents as an authoritative voice in the field. Top agents share their knowledge and expertise by launching Youtube channels or Tiktok accounts.

Top Agents Don’t Struggle Alone

Agents all face difficult decisions throughout their careers and will learn from the more experienced agents and from each other.

Always Have a Learning Mindset

New tech is always coming out and top agents know they need to keep up with it. They should commit to learning something new every day, especially outside their zone of expertise. They can do this by reading books, watching TEDTalks, and subscribing to other agent blogs.

Employee Engagement Is a Competitive Advantage

The best agents have one thing in common- they provide excellent customer service. Providing exceptional customer service is a trait that standout agents share and it has been shown to be effective when managing clients.

Become an Early Bird

Early risers tend to be financially successful.

Become More Social and Outgoing

There is one important thing that must be done in order to succeed as a real estate agent, which is establishing and developing relationships.

Find a Business Partner

Figure out who can best help you by evaluating your abilities and weaknesses and looking for a compatible partner.

Surround Yourself With the Right People

If you spend time with more successful people, you may find yourself more inspired and motivated to succeed.

Jot Down Your Plans

Your days should be flexible yet adaptive in order to work better for your goals. Having a clear and significant goal for each week’s end can also help you keep track of your coming week as well as reflect on what worked and failed this past week.

Visualize Your Future

Social interactions, feelings, and smells are great sensual sources to have in your visualization. By imagining the ideal self, you can form mental resources of confidence and motivation.


Every real estate investor should be celebrating their success and progress. It is worth recognizing every part of a real estate transaction, no matter how big or small. Don’t compare your victories to those others, compare them to your past and future self.

Begin Your Day by Meditating

Whatever your current opinion on meditation, you have to agree that the benefits are long-lasting. Even if it’s just ten minutes a day, clear your mind with meditation and focus on your breathing.


It is known that exercising raises one’s energy levels, and morning workout could eliminate the possibility of flaking out later on in the day.

Read to Be a Better You

Learning from other people is another way to learn a new skill. You can do it through books and audio programs.

Get a Mentor

New real estate agents are faced with the challenge of learning and developing a skill set to be successful. They should work with an experienced mentor who can give them skills and help cultivate their success. Having a mentor will replace having to make tough decisions alone, by always giving advice that will best help the agent’s career.

Smile Due to Little Things

Get in the habit of looking for small things to make you happy throughout the day so that you can control your emotions.

Surround Yourself With Positive Inspirations

Having motivational and inspiring images around you, like you would see on social media, will help you feel current with your choices.

Be Open to Feedbacks

Use testimonials to generate word-of-mouth.

Become the Last One

People like to be first. But they often don’t do so well. They give up too easily, they leave before it’s time, and they struggle to hold onto their principles.

Delayed Gratification

You give up on smaller goals in order to obtain your larger goal.

Display Your Achievements

Always be proud and willing to show others what deals you have been able to get.

Give Incentives to Yourself

Rewarding yourself for doing what you should do will motivate you to continue.

Give yourself time away to reward your work, which encourages you to work harder and more productively.

Begin Networking

Attending real estate investor groups helps introduce your business to new sellers and buyers.

Stand Out in a Crowd

Use your social skills, since they are unlikely the same as those in your day-to-day life.

Extend Your Marketing Techniques

Having multiple advertising methods can help you generate more seller and buyer leads.

Be an Expert in a Distinct Niche

Build your reputation in one or two niches. If you find success, expand to other industries.

Be Humble

It’s your responsibility to set expectations for yourself. You cannot control anyone else but yourself.

Walk Around While Calling Clients

It’s your responsibility to set expectations for yourself. You cannot control anyone else but yourself.

Stop Saying “I”

Start using the word “we” when discussing price and strategy with a seller or buyer, this will suggest that you are not alone in your investment.

Call Former Sellers 

Remember to keep in contact with past sellers. Remind them that you are still here to help, that you would like their property if a win-win offer can be arranged, and your past offers may still stand.

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