1 Simple Study Tip for Passing the California Real Estate Salesperson’s Exam?

Here’s how I really want you to study: complete one 90 question practice exam per day. I don’t care if you do it digitally or if you do it the old pencil and paper way. Either way is fine, but just do it. Don’t worry that you don’t fully understand the information right now. Much of the comprehension will happen while in the trenches of the day to day grind.

The required textbook reading and the hours of coursework should have been completed either in class or online. Completely reading the textbooks is important and a state requirement, but not an advantage over someone who is using the tips outlined below.

When most people study a practice exam they read the question and then read all the possible multiple choice solutions.


Here’s what will happen. On the day of the state exam, you will see the same question, or some variation thereof, and you will read all the possible answers, and you’ll say to yourself, “Hmm…I know I read that somewhere…” and instead of simply focusing on the correct answer, you’ll find yourself teetering between 2 maybe even 3 choices because they all sound familiar and you did in fact read them while studying.

Tip #1 – Memorize only the correct answers.

Read the question. Admit to yourself that you don’t know the answer. Find out what the correct answer is (usually provided in the back of the book or when you answer incorrectly too many times in a digital format). Memorize the correct answer. Try at all costs to even gloss over the other options.  Move on to the next question using the same technique starting from the very beginning each and every time you master a new question and solution. Do this in blocks of 10 questions starting from the previous blocks of 10 after you’ve mastered a new set.

In other words, start with questions 1-10 (block 1) using the technique described in the prior paragraph(s). Don’t worry if you feel like you haven’t mastered these questions completely. Move on to questions 11-20 (block 2) using the same techniques. Once complete, start over from question 1 this time stopping at question 30 (block 3 would be questions 21-30).

Because of the repetitive nature of this study technique, starting from the beginning after each new block of 10 questions is mastered, there will be an earlier sense of mastery for the first 2/3 of the exam versus the last 1/3. Do not fret. If you like you have less of a handle on the last 1/3 of the exam, start from the last questions first working your way backwards.

Trust me. This works for all types practice exams.

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