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College of Real Estate CORE Daily Schedule of a Successful Real Estate Agent


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College of Real Estate CORE Daily Schedule of a Successful Real Estate Agent CalendarYou might read a little before bed, spend most of your day ruminating on social media, and turn to Netflix once you get home. And before you know it, the day is over without having accomplished anything productive.

Routine is the sign of someone ambitious.

The most important skills for success are being able to plan and execute.

Don’t let procrastination take over

You need to produce and prospect your business in order to make it a profitable career. If you don’t work on your leads, the business won’t last more than a few years.

Successful real estate agents set up daily schedules for their business and make time for the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Always begin with the professional and personal end results

The goal is to begin at the end and work backward.

Ask yourself what your real estate goals are.

Afterward, schedule the time to produce the results.

Some of the ways you might answer this question include

College of Real Estate CORE Daily Schedule of a Successful Real Estate Agent House Keys and CalendarWhen considering the average home in your market to set a goal, consider how much money you want to earn and work out how many houses you need to sell.

You need to weigh the amount of money you might be ignoring by not working in real estate, and then restrict your work hours if it will leave you with more time.

With this strategy, you need to know how many leads you need and where they are in order to maintain a steady flow of clients. When you start out, it’s hard to know for sure when there will be lulls in business because it depends on the amount of time spent on prospecting.

Priority the most important things first.

These things will affect your business the most.

Schedule your appointments for the morning when you’re planning a schedule for the week.

Enthusiastic real estate agents will often neglect to spend time prospecting to meet with new clients. The danger of this is that business is built off of ongoing relationships. Once you’ve lost a commission, it may never return. We recommend spending more time prospecting than nurturing warm relationships as a way to maintain client retention and grow your agency.

You should set aside time for prospecting in your daily schedule.

Fight the distractions of life.

Block out your schedule so you can eliminate energy-sucking vampires.

Examples of this mentality are:

To find the perfect home, have people drive by themselves. The buyer can identify what kind of house they want and quickly pinpoint the properties that are most likely to be a good fit for their needs.

People close to you may think that being a real estate agent means you are always available. This thinking can result in an undervaluing of your time because they see you making no money and aren’t working.

Make sure that you follow a block schedule and plan your posts ahead of time in order to grow within the guidelines of your business plan.

Do tasks in blocks of time

If you want to get more done at once, start off your day by taking care of each task separately.

Blocks of time make it easier for your real estate agent to schedule their day, and also allow you to be more effective in scheduling meetings or prospecting. In this way, blocks are a great way to stay organized and know what you should be doing at any given time.

Put it in your schedule

College of Real Estate CORE Daily Schedule of a Successful Real Estate Agent House KeysThe rule is simple: if it is not included in your schedule, it does not exist.

With a schedule, you can be ready for anything that arises during your daily activities. With every real estate agent job, there are certain things that must take place. While these events will still take up time on the schedule, being able to move them around creates openings in the busy day to complete other tasks as well.

There is no time in a real estate agent’s day that isn’t accounted for. They have a strict schedule that ensures they are staying on beat by maximizing their productivity.

Below is a sample schedule for an individual’s day as a real estate agent. This can be used as a guideline to show how an ideal day might look, but as the person’s work changes, the schedule may change from this general outline. Real estate agents should treat their business and real estate as more than just a job; it needs to be treated like more of a lifestyle.

You’ll need to balance home life with your work if you want a successful career

5:00 AM – 6:00 AM: Wake-up + Gym + Nutrition

Use this time to energize yourself with food and prepare for the day ahead. Eat right, spend time on the task that you have planned, and then use this time to further your preparatory work.

6:00 AM – 8:00 AM: Morning Routine + Get Ready

Have a morning routine that will get you into a peak mental state. Make sure the routine includes things like prayer, meditation, visualization, reading audiobooks, gratitude, journaling and affirmations. Also, take care of your personal responsibilities.

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Prep + Review

Spend some time reviewing the market with your assistant.  Spend thirty minutes looking at the calendar and all of your goals for today. Establishing a productive routine takes serious preparation, so make sure you check your email and respond where needed.

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM: Appointment Setting

The fear of the phone can make you feel too much anxiety to schedule more appointments. It’s important to practice overcoming your fear so that you don’t lose opportunities for clients.

Setting appointments and prospecting are tasks that you don’t want to skip. These should be your priority, as they keep your business alive. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you must take the time to make sure your schedule has an influx of leads, even if it means ignoring some other tasks.

10:30 AM – 11:00 AM: Break

You can use the time before your next task to take a minute of break. You could scroll social media, call someone in your family, or just relax.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Lunch + Prep

Take your planning sheet and set up your afternoon appointments. A great way to use downtime is by watching Ted Talks on your break or when you’re eating lunch. This will keep you occupied and make the most of your time.

12:00 PM – 4:30 PM: Appointments + Listing Presentations

Use this 3.5 hour block to schedule three 90-minute appointments or listing presentations. If you’re a new agent and don’t have 3 daily appointments, use this time for more prospecting and lead generating time.

It is important for you to work hard during the day so you can spend time with your loved ones in the evening.

4:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Daily Wrap-Up

End the day with a recap of what you’ve accomplished and what your goals are for tomorrow.

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM: Home + Dinner + Family Time

Work/Life balance is so important; that’s why you need to schedule it in! Live in the moment and enjoy your food with loved ones. Real estate agents should enforce their work hours since this can help people have life-balance.

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM: Personal Time

Spend the last few hours of your day on what you enjoy, rather than frantically trying to finish more tasks.

9:00 PM – 5:00 AM: Sleep

Relax to recharge for an exciting day tomorrow.

College of Real Estate CORE Daily Schedule of a Successful Real Estate Agent Plan 2A major issue is that agents often do not have time to generate leads, even though they need more business. This means they have personal and family time interrupted by their client’s requests. The solution is time blocking, meaning that agents must set aside a specific period of time each day for lead generation activities.

An agent should avoid wasting time and maximize productivity by using clear start and end times. It is also important to stick to a schedule. The real estate scripts create guidelines for a better experience for both agents and clients.

These are the things that some of the top real estate agents do on a daily basis to become successful without burning out. 

Top producers work hard, but you don’t have to. Use productivity hacks to trade hours for minutes and more effectively use your time.

Get Your Game Face On

The most influential people in the world are early risers. They do some sort of morning routine to set them in motion for a fulfilling day. A morning routine could be to work out, meditate or read the paper with your coffee.

A morning routine can be a foundation for an agent’s day, and starting off mindful can help keep them sharp and ready for the tasks ahead.

BoomTown will equip you with up-to-date information on the local market and provide a calendar so that you can see what’s happening at a glance.

Tom Ferry suggests that instead of talking to people on the phone right off the bat, practice scripts and role-play first. You can take more time out by practicing in the car.

Time Block Your Schedule

College of Real Estate CORE Daily Schedule of a Successful Real Estate Agent MeetingStephen Covey says that you shouldn’t focus on your schedule and the tasks it contains, but should instead prioritize what those tasks are. If a task is important enough for you to need to do, then you would want to make sure you fit that task into your schedule.

It is important to plan ahead and only schedule specific activities during certain hours. This helps to maintain a process because sometimes agents will only set up showings and listing appointments in the afternoon, giving them time to follow- up with past clients and prospect.

If you have some spare time in between appointments, follow up with clients and cross off items on your to-do list!

Schedule breaks

It can be tempting to drink coffee all day, but it’s important to take breaks. Spend some time relaxing and taking care of yourself throughout the day so you will be fresh when you come back to work. Taking care of your mental health will benefit your productivity.

Segment Your Lead Database

We’ve talked about Boomtown’s prospects and how intelligent they are before. We’ll keep talking about them because of their intelligence that is found in automated emails, webpages to give your business a boost, and more.

Smart Prospecting Tips in Real Estate

Dividing your database into segments and customizing them to your needs will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for and remember more of the information when you use it.

Above $250k

BoomTown’s software provides you with an opportunity function that matches leads in your database to specific listings. You have access to a tool called Best-Fit Leads, which will bubble up top opportunities to the surface.

Check Status of Transactions

It takes organization to make sure a transaction is running smoothly. It can be difficult to keep track of all the parties involved with a deal that has just been finalized.

BoomTown’s transaction management integration with Dotloop makes it possible to monitor ongoing transactions, see what tasks still need to be done, and track future closings.

Utilize Mobile

College of Real Estate CORE Daily Schedule of a Successful Real Estate Agent PlanWith BoomTown, you can have a more productive role outdoors and indoors. The app gives you the ability to generate leads and close deals with prospective buyers.

Real estate agents are constantly being pulled in different directions, and if you feel like you’re not getting anything done, you’re not alone. There are countless things that can interrupt a real estate agent’s schedule.

As a real estate agent, the unexpected can take up your day and drain your energy. Important tasks like showing homes are just some of the items on your to do list.

Top real estate producers know how difficult it is to stay productive in their career, as they get interrupted every 3-11 minutes. In order to counteract this issue, developers have developed top programs that force specific rules to be followed.

There is no single right answer to achieve success.

Start with creativity

College of Real Estate CORE Daily Schedule of a Successful Real Estate Agent SchedulingYou can always create a little me-time for yourself by making an honest effort. Nick Baldwin, COO of Lab Coat Agents and real estate agent, says that to succeed in business you sometimes need your morning to be about work, but with a little intention, you can find time for yourself too.

Waking up early each day can be difficult. However, if you try to read a novel when you first wake up, then the rest of your day will go better because the imagination stimulated by that reading will lead to creativity. This is something an agent needs on a daily basis in order to live up to your full potential and be a standout among the competition.

Follow the 5-second rule

Shannon Milligan, a Richmond Association of Realtors Award winner for 8 years running, says that her morning routine is the most important hour of her day.

She walks for 4 miles every morning, and first thing she does is lace up her shoes and listens to a motivational book for 15 minutes. She then spends 45 minutes collaborating in Clubhouse.

Find inner peace

Lee Adkins is one of many experts who say that having a morning routine with peace of mind makes them more productive.

Do what you love

Ryan Fitzgerald, owner of Raleigh Realty, spends the first part of his day at work managing what he built. He spends time in the mornings on the marketing side and then afterward continues to find ways to improve it.

Ryan starts his day by doing tasks that he loves, such as creating websites, making coffee, and talking to people. By using this philosophy, he was able to build Raleigh Properties.

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