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Building relationships with other agents is critical to your success as a real estate agent. When you invest the time and effort into finding people that you can build a relationship with, they will be more likely to trust you and refer business to you when they find clients. In this blog, we will learn how to build relationships that will lead to sales!

Luckily for you, CORE Member, we will give tips on how to build a relationship with other real estate agents in your area. We will also provide practical advice for those looking for ways to network and build relationships with other agents, as well as some more philosophical viewpoints.

College of Real Estate CORE Building Relationship with Other Real Estate Agents ConnectionBuilding great relationships with other agents is a vital component of being successful in real estate, as any successful real estate agent knows! That said, it’s critical to understand how to create these connections and collaborate with your colleagues! First and foremost, you should work to earn the trust and respect of your other agents! Second, despite how strange or impossible it may appear, you should endeavor to maintain a positive relationship with your competitors. Finally, you should try to get to know your other agents—after all, everyone is different, and you never know what you might learn!

In this career, success is achieved by cultivating relationships with other real estate agents. Every firm that pays high commissions becomes extremely competitive, and this can encourage unprofessional behavior. “Greater people entered the real estate business this year than in previous years,” according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). This rush of new real estate agents intensifies competitiveness, putting more strain and stress on all agents. When the market slumps and fewer sales occur, the pressure mounts. Multiple offers for listings are common in a strong market, increasing agent rivalry. High levels of stress and competition, unfortunately, may bring out the worst in individuals.

Members of the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are expected to collaborate. How can you enlist the help of other real estate agents? The aim is to establish favorable relationships with them. 

To grow their business and contacts in today’s market, mortgage experts must form partnerships with real estate agents. If you concentrate on building long-term relationships with real estate agents, you’ll notice an increase in volume and a broadening of your referral  network.

Understanding how to create these relationships is the first step. It takes time to build great business relationships, but they can make all the difference in your performance and success. 

Here are 10 tips for strengthening and improving your relationships with real estate agents, as well as strategies to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Tip#1. Establish trust  

College of Real Estate CORE Building Relationship with Other Real Estate Agents FriendshipIn real estate, trust is crucial, but it goes beyond the relationship between brokers and clients! Because you’ll be working with other agents much more often than you think, the interaction between agents is equally crucial. Many new agents believe they will be able to assist their clients in buying and selling their houses fast and easily without the assistance of others! However, these new agents are unaware of how many times other agents advise prospective buyers to contact them! If you have a good relationship with your other agents, they’ll be more inclined to recommend you to potential clients!

Any connection is built on the foundation of trust. In order to succeed in real estate sales, you must develop relationships. It takes time and effort to build trust. You must not only acquire the trust of your vendors and buyers, but also that of your coworkers and competitors.

Rarely do listings sell themselves. As a listing agent, you must promote the property and your reputation through advertising and marketing tactics. It’s preferable to split a commission with an outside agent in order to make a sale. To attract buyers from outside agents, you must earn their trust by doing business with them. They will not hesitate to bring you more buyers for future listings if they trust you. They will also alert you of any new listings they have to encourage you to bring them purchasers. This is how real estate sales should be conducted. The MLS was created so that real estate companies can work together to share fixed commissions at the end of each transaction.


Tip#2. Have a Good Relationship with your Competition

College of Real Estate CORE Building Relationship with Other Real Estate Agents Hand Shake 2Other agents will inevitably compete with you as an agent, whether for clients or for homes themselves! While it’s simple to despise your competitors, it’s far preferable to have a positive relationship with them and respect for them! Other agents will admire a successful agent who is not resentful of a competitor! It’s also worth remembering that if your competitors have positive things to say about you and respect you, clients are more likely to trust you and what you have to offer!

One advantage of getting along with your opponents is the potential to learn and grow in your field. Because the real estate market is always changing and growing, agents must learn from one another and bounce ideas off one another in order to give better services to their clients. Another motivation to keep strong relationships is to receive referrals from other agents.

Agents that are confrontational and unwilling to cooperate lose because they will offend other agents who will refuse to work with them. In a hot market, agents may advise buyers away from listings from an unfriendly agent. An offer from an uncooperative agent’s buyer may cause complications, according to listing agents.

Finally, keep in mind that you could learn something from your competition! If your competitors are successful, it’s not by chance; why not learn from them and incorporate some of their strategies into your own work?


Tip#3: Maintain a good reputation

College of Real Estate CORE Building Relationship with Other Real Estate Agents Hand ShakeBuilding and keeping a positive is critical to real estate sales success. Your potential to receive new listings is dependent on your current and previous sellers’ recommendations to future sellers. The same is true for previous purchasers. They will refer you to potential buyers if they are satisfied with your services.

Your good name extends to dealings with people who aren’t buyers or dealers. Maintain positive connections with every real estate professional you come into contact with, including your competition.

You must work on establishing your reputation, which will be difficult if you are doing everything on your own. You must work on creating and maintaining a good reputation in order for your business to grow and prosper. You can get additional listings if you succeed in creating a strong reputation with current and previous sellers. This also applies to previous buyers who will refer you to potential buyers. Earn their trust by making them happy. When you earn their trust, your good name will spread to those who aren’t necessarily looking to buy or sell.

Set aside your differences and get along with others.

It may appear difficult to get along with some people at first. Different people have different attitudes and personalities, and it can be difficult to get along when your opinions diverge.

Whatever disagreements you may have, try not to let them get in the way of your work or your relationships. Given the nature of the profession and the rapid growth of the sector, collaboration is essential.

You can work together once you’ve established trust, which will help your company flourish. You can begin small and later grow an entire community that supports you.


Tip#4: Try to get along with other real estate agents

College of Real Estate CORE Building Relationship with Other Real Estate Agents MeetingPeople are multifaceted, having various attitudes, opinions, and personalities. Some real estate brokers consider themselves “rock stars,” boasting about the number of condos they’ve sold or the amount of money they’ve made. Others are protective of the neighbourhoods where they look for listings or of their expertise.

Working relationships should not be jeopardised by differences between you and other agents. Everyone in this field must collaborate. To ensure that the property sells, listing agents and buyers’ agents must work together.

By attempting to get along with other real estate brokers, you can create mutual trust. Remember that in order to make more money, competing real estate agents must collaborate. Ultimately, establishing a strong professional reputation will result in increased business and success.

You’ve accomplished the most critical milestone in your cooperation once you’ve earned their trust. Of course, you’re still competing, but a friendly rivalry isn’t bad. When the person on the other end is nice and accommodating, and you’re both working together, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

You have the opportunity to learn new things since you have a pleasant relationship with your opponent. This will be reflected in the way you do business. Agents can learn from one another as the real estate market grows, delivering greater professional services to their clients. What else could be a better approach to receive references than having friends in the same professional circle?

There’s always the risk that an agent will lead a client away from another uncooperative and unpleasant agent. They will also advise their sellers to think carefully about accepting an offer from an uncooperative agent’s buyer, as this could result in complications.


Tip#5:  Be Proactive

College of Real Estate CORE Building Relationship with Other Real Estate Agents RelationshipWhen real estate salespeople have to constantly contact you or seek out to get a progress update or loan status, it may be extremely aggravating. When a mortgage loan is accepted, an appraisal is done, or any other associated milestones occur, notify the agent immediately.

It’s crucial to remember to be courteous when making these updates and to listen to your agent so that you can offer all they need to execute a good job for the customer. While both of you are serving the client, you must also work together to serve each other.

The driving element behind how mortgage brokers receive referral sources is a coherent relationship with real estate agents. This will be an important aspect of your company’s growth and will set you apart from the competitors.


Tip#6:  Be accountable to yourself

College of Real Estate CORE Building Relationship with Other Real Estate Agents TrustWorking as a loan officer or mortgage professional can be challenging and unpredictably demanding. You may have to learn to adjust to unforeseen occurrences and deal with difficulties that are beyond your control. Any good real estate agent, on the other hand, will recognize your constraints. Even when things do not go as planned, you may still create solid business relationships if you are honest about what is going on and keep yourself accountable.

It’s critical to set realistic expectations with your real estate partners about your capacity to obtain the home loan approved. If it’s going to be difficult, let people know right away. A meaningless pre-approval letter from you is the last thing any agent wants. Your real estate partners would appreciate you taking the extra step of explaining the situation to the purchasers and holding yourself accountable.

Accountability is a vital component in attracting real estate agents, particularly those who can significantly increase your loan volume.


Tip#7: Establish a Communication System

Accountability is crucial, but so is communication. Real estate agents and their clients are eagerly awaiting information from you, and the longer you wait, the more difficult the situation becomes for the agent. When a loan officer fails to communicate effectively, it is up to the real estate agent to take up the slack.

You will be miles ahead of the competition if you implement or establish a method for keeping communication open with your real estate partners. Once you’ve made a relationship with them, share your system with them and always do what you say. This will demonstrate to the agent you’re dealing with that you’re not simply interested in the transaction or the money; you’re also interested in assisting them in reaching their end objective.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a useful tool for connecting with your real estate partners for most independent mortgage brokers. You’ll be able to share consumer data directly, collaborate on processes, and boost profitability for both sides.

By improving the tools you use to connect with real estate partners, you’ll be able to spend more time working out how to obtain mortgage clients in your area. 


Tip#8: Use social media to connect and communicate

Having a social media presence is one of the best things real estate agents and loan officers can do to communicate more effectively and promote their brands. Hundreds of thousands of people now use social media to keep current in their fields.

Real estate agents and loan officers can make each other more successful by using social media. For example, you can publish content that is valuable to each other or tag each other in certain posts. Some of the real estate agents you work with on a daily basis may be able to share a link to your website on their own social media channels, and vice versa.

Using social media to deliberately approach potential business partners can go a long way toward demonstrating loan officers how to gain clients as mortgage brokers using modern communication methods. This is really powerful and beneficial to both parties. The more you help each other expand on social media, the more likely your businesses will grow together.


Tip#9: Acknowledge that you’re on the same team

You will, like any other career, come across people with whom you will not get along. On the other side, there will be many people that assist you in winning. Approaching your real estate partners with the idea that you are on the same team is a guaranteed method to leverage them to your advantage.

It may surprise you how keen real estate agents are to collaborate with mortgage brokers and build your respective businesses. Both parties are focused on the client and providing the finest service possible during their house buying process. If you assist them in making their clients happy, they will continue to refer business your way, and you will build mutual trust.


Tip#10: Developing Trust

College of Real Estate CORE Building Relationship with Other Real Estate AgentsAs previously stated, one of the most fundamental components of developing business connections is developing trust; without it, there is nothing to build on and nowhere to go. The difficulty is that we often want to skip over the groundwork and get right to the meat of the matter.

You can’t expect real estate brokers to work with you right away after you create a relationship with them. You’ll have to work your way up to that point. We live in a society that runs on social media, so discovering and following agents is a good place to start.

You can start engaging with them and getting to know them more as you see their posts and interactions by like, commenting, and even sharing information. The goal of developing the relationship is to get to know them as a businessperson and determine whether you would work well together in the long run.

The real estate profession has always been about building relationships. Building relationships is what makes your business succeed, whether you’re a mortgage originator, loan officer, or appraiser. In the eyes of your real estate partners, the recommendations we’ve offered will help you change into a trusted partner.

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