A Realtor/ Real Estate Agent is someone who assists people through the process of buying, selling and renting land, homes and other types of properties. As a real estate agent, you are faced with a multitude of tasks and responsibilities, which range from marketing (not only your listings but yourself as well), to open houses and property closings. Each day in this occupation is different and you don’t have to worry about having the same work week each week. Even though each day is unique for a Real Estate Agent, there are some activities and duties that are typical in the day as a realtor.

Real estate agents typically spend time each day working directly with clients, whether it’s accompanying them to inspections or meetings with loan officers. As a real estate agent, you typically work under the umbrella of designated brokers. As an agent, it is required that you are licensed in whichever state you work in and that you continue earning education credits in order to maintain an active license status. Many real estate agents also decide to pursue obtaining their real estate certifications and designations, which will improve your overall credentials.

Usually, your day will consist of maintaining a balance between daily administrative duties and income-producing activities. Typically time can be spent in your office or home, meeting with clients, showing houses and traveling.  It is essential as a real estate agent to always find and look for clients in order to have success. In order to attract clients, you are not merely selling homes, but you are also selling yourself; it is important market your personal brand because the competition is fierce. You need to develop your niche and be known as the expert in the local real estate market. Different platforms that are useful for marketing yourself as an agent include: a website, social media, postcards, radio & magazine advertising, billboards, blogs, etc. 

Without buyers and sellers, there would be no commission, so it is crucial to focus on generating leads through people you already know, such as family, friends, neighbors and associates. Everyone you meet is a prospective client, and it is important to meet and follow up with potential buyers and sellers as much as possible.

Different types of administrative duties that are seen throughout a Realtor’s day include:

  • completing, submitting and filing real estate documents
  • coordinating appointments, which include open houses and meetings
  • creating and distributing flyers for promotional purposes
  • creating budgets for monthly, quarterly and annual operations
  • developing marketing plans for the various listings you have
  • maintaining client databases
  • responding to emails and phone calls

Many agents will hire an assistant to help them with administrative duties, as it can be time consuming.

As an agent, meeting with sellers is key to understanding exactly what they want and for new listings. It is also essential to research and compare local market activity to establish an asking price. When conducting open houses, stage the home properly so it looks as attractive as possible and take digital photos of the property inside and out to prepare the listing.

 When you are working with buyers, meet with, interview and understand what they are looking for. When working with buyers a realtor should show their negotiation skills, and research listings that will fit the needs of your client.

Different qualities that make a good real estate agent include:

Strong communicator:  It is important as an agent to stay in constant contact with your clients and customers. Be willing to listen to and fully understand the needs of your clients, and where they stand in their current buying or selling situation.

Being proactive: Agents should proactively call potential buyers, communicate with clients and chase new leads. The key to being proactive is to always keep your clients well informed and anticipate their needs before they can articulate them.

Client-motivated: Make your clients’ needs your top priority; without them you are nowhere. It is always so important to keep your clients happy and feeling supported and listened to.

Establish great networks:  As a successful agent, you should not only be focusing on establishing and building up your client list, but also be determined to forge connections with top notch partners who can provide the same level of service as you do. From the best contractors, appraisers, lenders, stagers and insurance providers, establishing networks with all types of people in the industry will be beneficial to you as a realtor.

Adapt to clients’ needs: Agents should be able to ‘read’ their clients; its important for them to find out the types of ways their clients like to communicate, whether it’s through email, phone calls, even text messages… As an agent you should be able to understand and know what the client wants.

Neighborhood expert: Being an agent means knowing what’s on the market, what was just sold and what your clients can get for their money. It is important to research and be up to date with local neighborhoods and statuses of different homes.

As a real estate agent, the easiest way to be successful in what you do is simple: be passionate! Even though the business can be difficult and requires a lot of attention to detail and great customer service, it is important to enjoy what you do, as this will make tasks easier and all the more pleasurable.

Your knowledge and authenticity are two additional qualities of what makes a superb agent. Successful agents show how knowledgeable they are in everything they do as well as explain everything they are doing. When meeting with clients, explaining the process, different roadblocks and scenarios are important and will allow your clients to not only better understand everything, but to also trust you and build that relationship.