Many people may underestimate how much time and hard work it really takes to successfully pass the real estate exam. Juggling a full time job while taking real estate classes can be challenging at times. Luckily, multitasking is becoming a more prominent skill, as it is a necessity; if you multitask correctly, there will be a slew of positive outcomes. If you follow these simple guidelines and tips, you will have your license in no time!

The first step in juggling a full time job while taking real estate classes is realizing that you will have to work twice as hard and long. Once you are able to get it through your mind that you will have to buckle down and keep focused for a solid few months, the rest will be a lot less complex. It is imperative that students use every minute of free time in their favor. Having the right mentality will also help when you need to motivate yourself to sit down and get work done even if you are feeling tired. That being said, you should not be sleep deprived. It is important to get the right amount of sleep so that you can have the energy and positive mentality to get through work or your classes; staying motivated is key to staying on track. Setting goals will help to ensure that you are motivated but will also make sure that you do not overwork yourself.

The next step would be making sure that you have a quiet, tranquil work space where you can retire to after you are done with work and ready to study. This area should be private and a place where you can avoid interruptions and disturbances. There should be no television, no screaming children and no distractions, just you, your thoughts and your books. Some people study best with “white noise” or soft sounds in the background. You can consider listening to music at a low volume, opening a window, turning on an air filter system or anything that might work best for you. This space should be kept clean and organized, so that you can get to work and find everything that you need to when you need to access it.

Once you have an appropriate work environment, you need to give yourself enough time to really go over every section carefully and thoroughly. The trick to passing this test is really all about planning a schedule ahead of time so that you can give yourself an allotted study time that is necessary. This will help you to keep on track, stay organized, and will help lower your stress levels so that you aren’t worrying at work about how much procrastinating you have been doing for your real estate classes. Know whether you can work better at night or better in the morning. Your energy level can determine whether or not you keep a job or pass a class. Making lists and keeping a planner can be one of the most effective things you can do when juggling a job and school. Not only will lists help to keep you organized and on the right track, but when you accomplish a section or task, it will feel really rewarding to cross things that you have completed off of your lists. Allotting some study time each day will help to make the work load seem like less and will keep it from accumulating to a study overload. 

One of the most important things however is to not overwork your brain. If you feel like your brain is fried and you just can’t take any more, or like you are beginning to not retain all the information that you are taking in, it is vital that you stop and take a short break and a deep breath. Having enough rest is just as important as doing the studying and going to classes and work. Participating in stress-reducing activities such as exercising, massages, reading, watching a movie or even walking your dog can help when your brain needs a break. Also, being able to notify your workplace that you are taking classes could help a little bit. Being able to coordinate your work and school schedule, while also leaving time to study is important. Prioritizing can help you get things done when they are suppose to and being able to figure out what things need to be done first. Although multitasking was mentioned earlier on as being a positive thing, it can also be negative if you do not go about it in the correct manor. If you do multiple tasks but do not finish them or do them incorrectly, this will of course not benefit you in any way.

Although working a job while taking classes may seem like a lot to handle at times, just remember that you are not alone and that people make it through their classes while working a full time job all the time now a days. Being able to keep organized and to have a set schedule will definitely help things go smoother. Motivating yourself may seem hard at times, but setting goals will help you to stay motivated while also accomplishing tasks, work and even studying certain sections. People often have trouble managing their time properly, but you can easily balance classes with a work schedule if you keep on the right track and work as hard as you need to in order to be successful.