How To Build Your BPO Business


How To Build & Scale a BPO Business

How many CMAs (comparable market analyses) do you think you complete a year for homeowners who are considering selling? 10? 20? 100? A BPO (Brokers Price Opinion) is very, very similar to a CMA. What if I told you that you could earn anywhere from $35 to $500 per CMA you completed? How many could you OR your team complete per day?

A BPO Business is the simplest profit center for any real estate brokerage and once you’re reputation has been established as a GO TO person by a bank or other financial institution, they will come to request your expertise almost daily. Setting up a BPO business is relatively easy and requires little no capital to start and best of all, can be delegated.

SCROLL DOWN 👇 for REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of what you can earn and how.  We will show you how to start, set up, and scale your BPO business!

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Build & Scale a BPO Business!

Low overhead, very little to start, regular consistent income!

🤑 Checks Don’t Lie 🤑

💸 $300 Per Day From 1 Source 💸

For Less than $2 Per Day

Two Dollar Bill College of Real Estate BPO Course How to Build a BPO Business


📍 List of Current BPO Providers (valued at $1199) I’ve seen websites and gurus selling lists of BPO providers for up to $1200 AND many of the companies on that list don’t even exist anymore! You can do the research yourself and read every BPO message board or check out the comments on Reddit, or Bigger Pockets, OR you can save yourself a bunch of time and money and use the spreadsheet we include in the course.

💣 Automation (valued at $749) I will teach you how to automate your BPO business so that you can auto accept orders, hire a virtual assistant to help you stay organized, outsource the data entry and photography so that you can continue doing what you are good at which is selling real estate OR you can do it all yourself and keep 100% of the money you earn.

🧨 The Systems (valued at $499) I’m pulling back the curtains so that you can see exactly how my BPO business is organized starting with little things as simple as email addresses, utilizing a separate telephone number, and even the type of spreadsheet I use to keep track of my money every month.

📱 Scaling (valued at $1999) So you’re an overachiever who wants to make even more money eh? Great! What you are learning in this course can be duplicated in any city, any county, and any state. It does require that you become licensed in other states, but even that just becomes part of the process. I will show you how to scale this from the local to nationwide and you’re learning it from someone who has done it and continues to add new states to my service and coverage area!

🔥 ​Referral Machine (valued at $499) Another benefit to doing BPOs is the networking you will do with other agents that you partner up with. As you scale the business up you will need additional boots on the ground, and many agents are willing to help so long as there is the possibility that they will get a listing out of it. I have referred many of my clients to the agents that have helped me out, and in return they have referred business back to me.

🧞 ​BPOs = Listings (valued at $899) Not all BPOs are for properties in foreclosure. Most are, but some are for refinances, home equity lines, reverse mortgages, and in some cases, to sell. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped into a home to complete an interior BPO only to learn that the homeowner is getting ready to sell. When it isn’t prohibited by the Bank or Investor that sent you out there to complete the BPO, these are excellent opportunities to get facetime with future clients and listings!

🚨BONUS🚨 LIFETIME ACCESS*—When you enroll you will have lifetime access to the “How To Build Your BPO Business”, the Private Facebook Support Group, and the Bi-Weekly Private FB AMA Live Meetings. Our industry is always changing and our training program and the support system will keep you updated as trends shift, markets change, and technology enhances our industry.



🔥 BPO Quickstart Guide 🔥
😲 Use Zillow for Multi-Unit BPOs 😲


Even though it’s super affordable, I still want to make sure you’re 100% happy. I never like to have any student leave unsatisfied.

You have 28 days to go through the course with me, apply the tactics and see if you get an ROI. And if it’s not everything I said, and you show me you’ve tried it daily, you get a total refund. We can even stay friends. 🙂


📌 Has completed over 10,000 BPOs
📌 Inc 5000 Honoree
📌 Contributor
📌 Recognized in the Top 1% of All Real Estate Agents
📌 Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents
📌 Founder & Owner of one of the Largest Hispanic Owned Businesses in North America
​📌 Helps sell $1B+ in combined sales with his agents & students

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