CORE CA License 52 Bundle



These courses could normally cost you $4,553 and if you enroll NOW you’ll only pay $1199!  This is the Only Real Estate Agent Course You Will Ever Need that will help you complete the 16 Week 135 Hour Course required to get your Real Estate Agent License in the State of California, prep you for your career, and even teach you activities that can generate you immediate income in the real estate profession that do not require a license! Each class can be completed online or in a live classroom environment but cannot be combined.

1) 16 Week Live or Online Class Real Estate Agent Class
2) 1 Day 8 Hour Real Estate Agent Crash Course
3) Ultimate Sales Agent Online Course (60+ Videos)

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1) Real Estate Agent 16 Wk Live OR Online Class Package (135 Credit Hrs)

Student may select from our Online Course OR our Live Class Package. Both courses have everything you need to fulfill your educational requirements featuring a robust, live in person, classroom experience with our expert faculty who are active licensed real estate agents/brokers.

Live Classes are available (student must select one session only) in the :

  • Evenings (M-Tu-W 6-9 PM)
  • Weekdays (Tu & Th 9AM-1PM)
  • Weekends (Sat & Sun 9AM-1PM)

This solution will fulfill the 135-hour real California Real Estate Licensing requirements and prepare for success on exam day. With this learning solution, you’ll learn from seasoned real estate instructors in a dynamic classroom review for each course.

Included in this package are the following correspondence courses:

  • Real Estate Principles (45-Credit Hours Correspondence with Live Class Review)—Become successful in your field by understanding key topics such as time management, the listing and selling process, property valuation, closing the sale, escrow procedure, taxes, financing, and more. Topics include: Land Descriptions and Subdivisions, Acquisition and Transfer of Real Property, Liens and Encumbrances, Leases, Contracts, Unlawful Discrimination, Agency and Business Principles, and Ethics.
  • Real Estate Practice (45-Credit Hours Correspondence with Live Class Review)— A real estate license does not come with an operating manual, so we have created courses that focus on what it really takes to succeed in the business and will expand your knowledge of the industry in an engaging and effective forum. Topics include: The Business of Real Estate, The Art of Pricing and Listing, and How to Find and Counsel the Buyer.
  • Real Estate Finance (45-Credit Hours Correspondence with Live Class Review)—Make the law come alive and explore some of the common myths and misconceptions that affect your day-to-day activities. Find out how you can avoid legal entanglements with this exciting course! Topics include: Real Estate Laws, Contract Clauses, Influential Agency Policies and Concepts, and Disclosure Guidelines and Procedures.

2) LIVE Real Estate Agent Weekend Crash Course for the Salesperson Examination
A fantastic 1-Day review course packed with information to help you pass the state salesperson exam the FIRST TIME!
Course Contents:

  • Book
  • Key terminology
  • Exam-taking hints
  • Online Practice test

3) CORE Ultimate Sales Agent 60+ Online Training Course

Normally $3,994 by itself! This Online Video Course is a Step By Step Blueprint designed for EVERY NEW AGENT  consisting of over 60+ Over the Shoulder Instructional Videos.  Looking for quicker success? Double up on the video assignments. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money or you don’t have any sales experience. This course will teach how you to be a top producing agent on your first day.

Each video assigns you Weekly Tasks that teach the ins and outs of inbound and outbound Marketing, Presentations, Scripts, or Internet Marketing, SEO, How To Build a Team, How To Outsource and Use Virtual Assistants around the world, and much much more. Members will also have access to our Private Facebook Group where we share current strategies to provide real quantifiable results.

This course will teach you how to Embrace Tech while still mastering the Low Tech Belly To Belly strategies that are necessary in building the relationships in real estate that technology will never be able to replace.

Included in this package are the following strategies that will be taught:

  • Automation (valued at $499) A real business owner has employees, strategies, and systems in place that permit him or her to be able to generate income whether they are actively involved in the business or not. Who says a real estate agent can’t operate the same way? It can. With the internet you can have virtual assistants who prospect for you, handle marketing for you, and manage your transactions for you around the globe 24-7. The internet doesn’t get tired. People do. Learn how to automate your business even with little to no budget.
  • Inbound Marketing (valued at $999) Learn not only HOW to use the internet to get buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants calling you requesting your services but what systems you’ll need to have in place to manage and follow up with these leads. Having all the leads in the world and not knowing what to do with them is the equivalent of owning a Ferrari and not having the keys to drive it.
  • Facebook, Instagram Advertising (valued at $1199) Facebook & Instagram advertising is still one of the most, if not THE MOST AFFORDABLE, way to advertise online while harnessing the ability to target specific audiences. Once you’ve mastered this skill there really isn’t anything that you can’t promote online. While SEO is a crucial part of your business, it does not months to build and see results from it-FB & IG advertising can provide instant results.
  • YouTube Marketing & Advertising (valued at $1499) There are 1,300,000,000 users on YouTube. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. You can’t afford to not have content or not advertise on YouTube. YouTube is an excellent way to build your brand AND it is still one of the largest search engines in the world and most people aren’t using it the right way.
  • LinkedIn Marketing (valued at $899) Gary Vee has been telling you to use LinkedIn religiously for the last few years. Don’t sleep on LinkedIn. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. On the surface LinkedIn only looks like a B2B platform, but when used properly and consistently can be an amazing source of referrals and new business.
  • Agent Referral Network (valued at $399) The beauty of this business is that being licensed in only one state doesn’t limit you to or force you to only work in your state. You can refer business on a nationwide-even global, scale and in turn people will reciprocate the business back to you in the form of referrals. Learn how to market yourself not only to the consumer, but to agents. Imagine closing an extra 7-10 escrows this year from referral business coming from other agents? It’s possible!
  • REO, Short Sales & BPOS (valued at $999)  Unfortunately, there will always be foreclosures and short sales. The volume will of course, fluctuate based on the economy and the market. Some economic cycles will have many foreclosures, and some cycles won’t have any, and yet, having tried and true relationships with lenders who foreclose on properties should be a stream of income for you. As should Broker Price Opinions which offer immediate income and as been our mantra, can be automated.
  • SEO & Digital Marketing (valued at $2499) Search Engine Optimization is an art form. With proper SEO on your sight, you’ll show up on the first page of Google which is instant credibility to the consumer. People spend thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in pay-per-click to show up on the front of a Google Search inquiry and we can teach you how to do it without paying a cent in advertising to the internet giant.
  • Probate Real Estate (valued at $599) Like REOs, Probate is a part of life that we unfortunately, cannot escape when someone passes without a will. In many states, if not all, a real estate agent is required by the court to represent the sale of the property. This inherently creates an opportunity for real estate agents who specialize in Probate Real Estate and can navigate the sensitive nature of these transactions which often involves courts, attorneys, multiple parties, and more importantly, the heirs. We will teach you how to locate these opportunities and expertly work on them.