Which are the Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools in West Covina, CA?

Best Real Estate School in West Covina (3)

Who are the Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools in West Covina? In assembling our list, we look beyond the rankings to the characteristics that make each school or training center right for you. Disclaimer : If all you want is a list of our rankings, scroll to the bottom.

What really determines the quality of the Real Estate School is what that school does for its students and future licensees.

Retention Rate

One factor to look at is the retention rate. Are students returning after each of the 3 required classes, and more importantly, do they finish the entire course? Students are more likely to stay and thrive at a school where they are actively engaged in learning and feel part of a community that supports their intellectual, social and professional development.

It’s a good sign when a school’s mission statement emphasizes a student-centered approach. Some Real Estate Schools may tout their Top Producing Agents & Brokers, but that doesn’t mean much if future licensees don’t have opportunities to be mentored by them. Current students are a great source of information about the school, and you can ask them about their experiences when you research them.


Mentoring is an important area where some Real Estate Schools excel. Students who receive ongoing support as they explore their careers in real estate once they pass their state exam, make better decisions. Ask if each CA BRE licensee who has gone through their course was assigned mentor upon their license being issued, or whether they are instructed to go out and find their own. Also, how often do licensees meet with their mentors, and are they required to discuss their professional goals? Good mentoring helps prepare new agents

Auditing a Class

If you have been considering a new career in real estate, you may wish to audit a class if the Real School offers live classes. Most, if not all, online courses will not permit auditing a class i.e. testing the waters.

Auditing a class can give you a taste of the field, as well as help you decide whether or not the school and its instructor(s) meet your needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask for an invitation to sit in on one class.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement is something that many employing Brokers offer as a way to pay back future Licensees for education expenses. Those who choose to participate still have to pay out of pocket for the courses they take. Upon completion of the course or a pre-agreed upon milestone, the Licensee can get back some or all of the tuition expenses. At some Real Estate Schools, students with financial constraints may qualify to defer payment until their coursework is complete. Ask the school you are considering enrolling in if any of these types of incentives are offered.

Online Versus Traditional Education

One of the key components to consider when deciding which Real Estate School to enroll in, is the decision to study in a classroom or online. Are you willing and able to attend class taught by a live instructor, or do you need more flexibility for your busy schedule?

Something else to consider while weighing your options is how much you can discipline yourself. Being an online student will work well for those who have the ability to self-motivate. Without a plan or some type of organization, your work will suffer in the online classroom, but if you set deadlines and prioritize your school schedule, you should see success.

Another advantage of traditional classroom learning is that it provides students with a fixed schedule and specific periods dedicated exclusively to learning. Most adults lead busy lives these days, whether they have a demanding job or children in school. It’s difficult to find time for personal study between working hours and PTA meetings, and there is always something more important to do. Students in this situation prefer to be “forced” to schedule classes first and then plan other activities around them.

Post Course Processing

Upon completion of the course and receipt of your certificates of completion, there is an application process that must be submitted to the California Bureau of Real Estate. An applicant for any real estate license must submit one set of classifiable fingerprints, acceptable to the State Department of Justice (DOJ). An applicant may be fingerprinted after applying for examination or after passing the examination. Fingerprint processing fees are not refunded if applicants do not pass the examination. Social security numbers are required on examination applications to ensure fingerprint reports are received by the CalBRE.

Fingerprints must be submitted electronically through the DOJ’s Live Scan Program which takes and transmits fingerprints to the DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) using the Live Scan Service Request (RE 237) Denotes a PDF document. form. An original license will not be issued until a report from the DOJ and the FBI is received stating that there is no criminal history, or disclosing criminal history information which then must be reviewed and evaluated. See Avoid Potential Denial of Your License Application (RE 229).

Many schools will assist with the processing of this paperwork, and some Real Estate Schools even have Mobile Live Scan units visit and complete the fingerprint procedure in class!

You’ve Got Your License Now What?

One of the most common remarks we hear from our Graduates once they’ve gotten their Real Estate Salesperson’s license is, “Now that I have my license, I don’t know what to do.” Clearly, the first step is find a Brokerage to work for.  We recently wrote a blog post on how to select a brokerage for you to hang your license at. The next thing you will need to learn how to do is to market your services. Truth be told, we are marketers. Some call it marketing, and others call it lead generation.

Either way, it doesn’t matter how well you know real estate law if you don’t have any clients. No leads equals no business, and yes, there are brokerages that may entice you to join by dangling leads, and while it may seem appealing, it is more important for you to learn multiple lead generation strategies than it is to be dependent on any one source of business, especially when you have little to no control over the flow of those leads.

Fortunately for you, we’ve planned ahead and created a course entitled, “How To Be Successful Your First Year in Real Estate Without Any Money or Any Sales Experience!” This 52 week online video course walks you step by step, week by week, through what you need to do to be successful including learning how to market yourself and how to automate your business.

Here’s the List:

No1 The College of Real Estate Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools West Covina

No. 1 - College of Real Estate

No2 Affinity Real Estate & Mortgage Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools West Covina

No. 2 - Affinity Real Estate & Mortgage


No. 3 - CA Realty Training

No4 McLeod & Associates Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools West Covina

No. 4 - McLeod and Associates

No5 ADHI Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools West Covina

No. 5 - ADHI Schoold

No6 The Monica Diaz Team Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools West Covina

No. 6 - The Monica Diaz Team

No7 The Jennifer Lee Team Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools West Covina

No. 7 - The Jennifer Lee Team

No8 Century 21 Citrus Realty Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools West Covina

No. 8 - Century 21 Citrus

No9 Long Dragon Realty Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools West Covina

No. 9 - Long Dragon Realty

No10 Revei Real Estate Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools West Covina

No. 10 - Revei Real Estate