Succeeding by Helping Others Succeed

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There is a fundamental truth in business that often gets lost in the quest for sales and revenue. All business is about helping people. Whether it is people in a corporation or individual consumers, people are looking for help to accomplish something and that’s why they are going to hire you for your services or buy your product. It’s going to help them be more productive, have more fun, lose weight, get a promotion, meet their sales target and so on.

Now, looking at your real estate career as a business, how can you help others achieve what they want in the same way? Helping others be successful can be a way of life for you that will service you well. Helping others to be more successful will lead to greater career success for you too. Helping others:

  1. Grows the value of your entire team
  2. Adds value to your clients
  3. Builds your reputation as someone who can help others be successful.

Whether you believe that “Givers Gain” or in the principles of The Go-Giver or karma, helping others achieve greater success will lead to great results for you too. Let’s look at how helping people in each of these three groups can help you be more successful.

Helping Your Team

Your team, above, below and horizontal to you in the org chart, are working together on a common cause with the goal of being successful at whatever they are doing. Whether you’re playing a sport, are a team member on a project, or are working in the same department of a company, everyone on the team has the same goal: BE SUCCESSFUL! Anything you can do to help the team be more successful will help you be more successful too. When you help others succeed everyone will notice and what you to be on their team or project too because you will help them be successful too. What are you doing to help your team?

Helping Your Clients

When your clients succeed, you get more business from them, they refer business to you and your reputation grows. Clients want to hire people who will help them succeed. If you have a history of help other clients be successful a new client will believe you can help them be successful too. An existing client will recognize your value and want to work with you again. What are you doing to help your clients be more successful?

Helping Strangers or Random Acts of Kindness

Whether you volunteer your services, answer questions on LinkedIn, or just simply lend a helping hand when you hear of someone need help people you don’t know build your character and your reputation. By helping a stranger, you reinforce your helping nature, making it more a part of your character. You also are letting that person experience your skill, and therefore may receive a referral or even public praise for your assistance. Would you prefer to do business with someone you know helps others? How to you help others?

Regardless of your reason, helping others will help you. You will have the greatest impact when helping others is genuine and second nature to you. Start building a habit and an attitude of helping others be successful if you would like to be more successful.

It’s not just your customer’s dreams that are important. It’s those of your employees, your vendors, the complimentary businesses you can partner with, possibly even someone you formerly thought was a rival, their dreams can matter too.

Once you have the ability to focus on other’s dreams, your business and life will never be the same. This is often a hard task since we haven’t reached our own. I track back to the quote at the title of this post from motivational speaker, Les Brown, a man I listen to often. “Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours.” Selflessly give first, and it will come back to you.