SEO & Internet Marketing for Real Estate Course


SEO & Internet Marketing for Real Estate Online Course

The most important skill you will need to learn is how to get clients. In the first 4 lessons you’ll learn more about Internet/Digital marketing than 95% of the active Real Estate Agents & Loan Officers in the market today. Apply these skills to your real estate business OR offer these skills (for a fee obviously) to Real Estate Agents! There are tens of thousands of real estate agents in the US alone that will pay for someone to handle their SEO & Digital Marketing for them.

A DRE or NMLS license is not required to attend this live class.

SCROLL DOWN 👇 for REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of what you’ll learn. We do more than say we know internet marketing, we SHOW YOU that we can help you learn how to achieve those same results!

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Here’s What You’ll Get :

  • 🚨BONUS🚨 LIFETIME ACCESS*—When you enroll you will have lifetime access to the SEO For Real Estate Agents Online Video course, the Private Facebook Support Group, and the Bi-Weekly Private FB AMA Live Meetings. Our industry is always changing and our training program and the support system will keep you updated as trends shift, markets change, and technology enhances our industry.
  • 🚨BONUS🚨 Bi-Weekly AMA Facebook Live (valued at $799)—You’ll have access to two Facebook Live Sessions per month where I’ll share victories, tips, hacks, and best practices that are working NOW (not 10 years ago) and address questions, comments, concerns. I may also make a few weird faces on camera. Should be fun.
  • 🚨BONUS🚨One 30 Min Coaching Call—You’ll have access to a private 30 minute conference call or video conference call with Paul Argueta who has been featured on the Inc 5000 List, the Los Angeles Business Journal, and the Los Angeles Times for his expertise in real estate and digital marketing.
  • LinkedIn Marketing (valued at $899) Gary Vee has been telling you to use LinkedIn religiously for the last few years. Don’t sleep on LinkedIn. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. On the surface LinkedIn only looks like a B2B platform, but when used properly and consistently can be an amazing source of referrals and new business.
  • ​Facebook, Instagram Advertising (valued at $1199)Facebook & Instagram advertising is still one of the most, if not THE MOST AFFORDABLE, way to advertise online while harnessing the ability to target specific audiences. Once you’ve mastered this skill there really isn’t anything that you can’t promote online. While SEO is a crucial part of your business, it does not months to build and see results from it-FB & IG advertising can provide instant results.
  • Facebook Pixel Retargetting (valued at $499Truth is, most people have no clue how to re-target. You can create a pixel for virtually anything and/or any event. Keep track of people who visit your page. Click on an ad. Start a chat. These are all events that you can keep track of and then re-target an ad to. Remember, your message has to be seen at least 5-7 times before someone takes action.
  • Instagram Engagement (valued at $1199These days it doesn’t matter if someone has 100K followers with only 4-6 people engaging on their posts. We’ve all seen the users who have purchased followers with little to no engagement. We’ll show you how to get your engagement through the roof so that your follower count increases and your message is heard by those who can most benefit from it.
  • ​YouTube Marketing (valued at $1499) There are 1,300,000,000 users on YouTube. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. You can’t afford to not have content or not advertise on YouTube. YouTube is an excellent way to build your brand AND it is still one of the largest search engines in the world and most people aren’t using it the right way.
  • Automation (valued at $799A real business owner has employees, strategies, and systems in place that permit him or her to be able to generate income whether they are actively involved in the business or not. Who says a real estate agent can’t operate the same way? It can. With the internet you can have chatbots, auto responders, virtual assistants who prospect for you, handle marketing for you, and manage your transactions for you around the globe 24-7. The internet doesn’t get tired. People do. Learn how to automate your business even with little to no budget.
  • Google Maps Training (valued at $499) Google Maps will help you target more and more local clients. There are many customers that use Google Maps to find the nearby businesses so, you can easily grab those clients by submitting your information on the Google Maps. Find out EXACTLY how to use Google Maps to get local customers EVERYWHERE. Plus we’ll teach you how to create your own PRIVATE GOOGLE MAPS that can be embedded and used to BOOST your SEO rankings!
  • IDX & SEO Hack (valued at $699) (valued at $699) You should know IDX by now. If you don’t Google it. IDX is a visual trick that allows visitors on your site to view listings that belong to other agents. There are hacks that allow you display these listings and rank. Most agents don’t know about them or how to use them. We’ll teach you how.
  • How to Get Backlinks (valued at $999) Backlinks are important for SEO because Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query. We’ll teach you exactly where & how to get GOOD quality & highly trusted backlinks.
  • Chatbots (valued at $499) Chatbots offer straightforward services. A well-optimized chatbot communicates only the essentials and does not overwhelm the user, but the best part is that chatbots automate processes. Bots are able to take on human work for, generally speaking, mundane or basic analytic tasks. We’ll teach you how to guide someone through the sales process using nothing more than a chatbot.
  • ​Domain Tree (valued at $499) URLs are also the building blocks of an effective site hierarchy, passing equity through your domain and directing users to their desired destinations. They can be tricky to correct if you don’t plan ahead, as you can end up with endless redirect loops. No bueno. We’ll teach you how to get your URL structure right to make sure you rank.
  • ​Wordpress Design & Theme (valued at $899) WordPress is known to be SEO friendly. While WordPress makes sure that the code it generates follows the SEO best practices, there is a lot more you need to do if you want to maximize your SEO efforts. We will teach you all the actionable steps that you need to take to properly optimize your WordPress SEO.
  • Blogging to Rank (valued at $799) Writing a compelling blog post that drives traffic and leads is no easy task. Sure, you can easily churn out 300 – 500-word generic blog posts that won’t impact any search query need, let alone grow your business – but I’m sure that’s not what you’re looking to create. We will teach you how to get blog posts to rank and generate you more business.