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By the time you complete this course you will have EVERYTHING you need to be successful as a Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer. This bundled package includes:

1) 16 Week Live Class Real Estate Agent Class
2) 1 Day 8 Hour Real Estate Agent Crash Course
3) 3 Day 20 Hour S.A.F.E Loan Officer Live Class
4) 5 Hour 1 Day Loan Officer Crash Course

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1) Real Estate Agent 16 Wk Live Class Package (135 Credit Hrs)

The Live Class Package has everything you need to fulfill your educational requirements featuring a robust, live in person, classroom experience with our expert faculty who are active licensed real estate agents/brokers.

Classes are available (student must select one session only) in the :

  • Evenings (M-Tu-W 6-9 PM)
  • Weekdays (Tu & Th 9AM-1PM)
  • Weekends (Sat & Sun 9AM-1PM)

This solution will fulfill the 135-hour real California Real Estate Licensing requirements and prepare for success on exam day. With this learning solution, you’ll learn from seasoned real estate instructors in a dynamic classroom review for each course.

Included in this package are the following correspondence courses:

  • Real Estate Principles (45-Credit Hours Correspondence with Live Class Review)—Become successful in your field by understanding key topics such as time management, the listing and selling process, property valuation, closing the sale, escrow procedure, taxes, financing, and more. Topics include: Land Descriptions and Subdivisions, Acquisition and Transfer of Real Property, Liens and Encumbrances, Leases, Contracts, Unlawful Discrimination, Agency and Business Principles, and Ethics.
  • Real Estate Practice (45-Credit Hours Correspondence with Live Class Review)— A real estate license does not come with an operating manual, so we have created courses that focus on what it really takes to succeed in the business and will expand your knowledge of the industry in an engaging and effective forum. Topics include: The Business of Real Estate, The Art of Pricing and Listing, and How to Find and Counsel the Buyer.
  • Real Estate Finance (45-Credit Hours Correspondence with Live Class Review)—Make the law come alive and explore some of the common myths and misconceptions that affect your day-to-day activities. Find out how you can avoid legal entanglements with this exciting course! Topics include: Real Estate Laws, Contract Clauses, Influential Agency Policies and Concepts, and Disclosure Guidelines and Procedures.

2) Real Estate Agent Weekend Crash Course for the Salesperson Examination
A fantastic 1-Day review course packed with information to help you pass the state salesperson exam the FIRST TIME!
Course Contents:

  • Book
  • Key terminology
  • Exam-taking hints
  • Online Practice test

3) NMLS / MLO 20 Hour S.A.F.E Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Originator Course

The course is packed with everything you need to successfully complete your educational requirements in a live classroom that is informative and entertaining.

Test candidates will enjoy our live  20 Hour S.A.F.E. Mortgage Loan Originator course built into five modules, based specifically on the topics that will be found on the national Uniform State Test including federal mortgage-related laws, general mortgage knowledge, mortgage loan origination activities, ethics, and uniform state content.
This course covers:
  • 3 hours of Federal Lending Legislation
  • 3 hours of Ethics
  • 2 hours of Non-Traditional Mortgage Products
  • 12 hours of General Elective Topics on key concepts including: Federal Regulations, Privacy Protection, Consumer ID, and Predatory Lending Protection Laws, Government Loan Programs, the SAFE Act, and Financial Calculations

4) NMLS / MLO Crash Course Exam Prep (5 Hour Live Course)

Test candidates will enjoy this comprehensive, live review course built into five modules, based specifically on the topics that will be found on the S.A.F.E. Mortgage Loan Originator Test National Component with Uniform State Test Content Outline- federal mortgage-related laws, general mortgage knowledge, mortgage loan origination activities, ethics, and uniform state content.

Included in this crash course is the following:

  • Each student will receive an audio (mp3) and online video of our Crash Course/Test Prep course that you can review the class at any time.
  • All Students will receive ten (10) Practice Test for the NMLS National Exam
  • All Students will receive the 150 PowerPoint Slides used during the course
  • All Students will receive a Student Workbook
  • 125 pages of Power Point Study Drills for the National Exam. This resource provides advice, guidance, and direction in preparing for and taking your NMLS test. It will direct you to additional resources on each of the major topics of RESPA, Dodd-Frank, Reg Z, Acts and dates with links to each
  • Math Supplement. Designed to help you with the difficult math questions that appear on the National Exam
  • Other relevant resources designed to help you pass your NMLS Exam


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