Benefits of Facebook for Real Estate

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Facebook ads are a great way to advertise products. But did you know that Facebook is also a powerful tool for advertising real estate? With nearly three billion active users, it is safe to say that Facebook is a force in our daily lives.  Like it or not, Facebook connects millions of people every day. 

Just as Facebook is a powerful social tool, it can be used as a far-reaching advertisement tool for your real estate business as well. It’s a way to connect with both home sellers and home buyers in your specific target markets. The best part about using Facebook ads? They’re super easy to set up! And they pay off quickly—sometimes even within hours or days of posting. So if you want to know more about this, this blog is for you.

For today’s blog, exclusive for our Core members, we will be talking about the benefits of Facebook for Real Estate.


College of Real Estate CORE Benefits of Facebook for Real Estate NotificationsWhen it comes to building and running a successful real estate business, you can’t afford NOT to have a professional Facebook presence.

With over 1.85 billion people signing in every day, a professional Facebook presence is still a must-have for real estate agents. And if you think users are not visiting businesses on Facebook, think again! 3 out of 4 users visit local business pages on Facebook at least once a week.

Although it’s not too late to build your brand with Facebook, you may be struggling with growing a social media presence while you are trying to build and operate your real estate business.

You need to start somewhere, so why not start now? So if you are looking for a reason to start advertising on Facebook, here are the benefits that you can get from doing so. 

The first one is that it increases lead generation. Facebook is a great platform for advertising your business. In fact, it is one of the most effective means of reaching potential customers. There are many reasons why Facebook advertising is so effective. First, it has a large user base that makes it easier to reach a greater audience. 


Second, it offers several tools that allow people to engage with your content and share it with their friends and family members. Third, there are also ways through which you can keep track of how many views you receive on your posts so that you can improve upon them in future posts. When you advertise on Facebook, you will be able to reach out to new customers and generate leads for your business. 

This is because there are many people using Facebook at any given time and since around 1.7 billion users log in every day from different countries around the world, you have a high chance of getting engagement from those who see your ads. This means that if anyone sees your ad then they might be interested in what you have to offer and thus visit your website or buy from you directly without even knowing about it! 

You might be wondering how Facebook makes sure you get the most out of your lead generation campaign. Well, it’s simple: by using targeted advertising methods. While it sounds like a good thing at first, it will decrease the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. This is because Facebook has bots that monitor their websites to detect the ads that the platform sends out. 


College of Real Estate CORE Benefits of Facebook for Real Estate FBIf an ad causes a user to click off of a video or the platform, the bot dings it. With enough dings, the platform will pull the ad from its system. If you target your ads, though, it will reach the right people. The chances of them getting invested means that they will not click off and will engage with the ad instead. 

If you’re looking to increase your lead generation and cost-efficiency, then you need to set your ads to target users of a particular age group or those who only show interest in real estate. You can even set the ads to target people in a specific area. As long as your ads are relevant to them, they are likely to engage with the ad. This is what causes increased lead generation and the cost-efficiency of your ad campaign.

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, there are a lot of options. One of the best platforms to advertise on is Facebook because you will get your money’s worth every time. This is only if you do well to promote your marketing campaign, though. Do not worry, though, because depending on your budget and target audience, Facebook can be the most cost-effective advertising platform for you. 

Facebook offers customizability when setting up a budget. This means that they can cater to any type of business or individual who wants their product or service advertised on the platform. In addition, they offer great reach. Their social media marketing team has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide so they can reach a significant amount of people globally with ease!


Facebook ads are a great way to advertise your business. They can be used to drive traffic to your website and generate more leads. Another benefit of advertising on the platform is that you get free analytics. These are important for you if you plan on marketing your business on Facebook more along the line. 

These tell you whether your advertisements have been effective or not. The Facebook Ads Manager page allows you to view the statistics of your ads. Among them are the performance of your ads, the engagements they generated, and the conversion rates of your campaign. 

With this information, you can identify where your campaigns are weakest. This enables you to create better ads that will generate even more leads. What is great about this is that the analytics update in real-time. This means you will see how well your ads and posts do on the platform as they reach new people. 

Facebook has a good remarketing method. The process of showing ads to people who expressed interest in them before is called remarketing. It is a form of marketing that capitalizes on the leads you generated before. Anyone who clicked on your ads and posts will get logged into a system. 


College of Real Estate CORE Benefits of Facebook for Real Estate AppThe system then sends them an ad from your page again. Even if they did not buy anything or do business with you, the system keeps a record of their profile and sends them ads from your page again. 

This is to increase the chances of them becoming customers. This is important since people will always have doubts about paying for something on the Internet. The second time they visit your page, they are more likely to take advantage of your services because they have already seen your ad once before and may be more likely to trust what you say now than someone trying to sell them something without any previous exposure whatsoever!

Another benefit you can enjoy when you are advertising on Facebook is customer engagement. This is possible because Facebook supports many kinds of posts on the platform. What may be a unique post on other platforms can be among the common Facebook features. 

For example, 3D photos on Facebook are not limited to virtual reality content—they can also be used for real estate advertisements. This kind of content is great for showing off an amazing property you want your customers to see in person, but it’s also a good way to show off your brand from the comfort of your home. 

If you don’t have any experience with 3D content, there are plenty of tutorials available online that will walk you through how to create one yourself. It’s important not just to make sure everything looks right, but also that it feels right when users hold their phones up to their faces and look at it from different angles. You can also use this feature as a way to give house tours—a great way of interacting with potential customers who may not know much about your business yet! 

Facebook is a great way to increase your organic search rate all over the Internet. This means that people are more likely to find your business when they do a relevant search on Google or Bing. This is a great way for you to drive more traffic to your profile or business website.

Establishing a brand identity is important to help people recognize you as a business. This way, you can set the tone of your business too. Facebook helps by helping you deliver posts in whatever ways you want to share them. If you want to share on Facebook, then all you need to do is add your image, and text and choose your privacy settings. Once you have done this, then post it on Facebook by clicking on the camera icon in the top right corner of your screen. 


College of Real Estate CORE Benefits of Facebook for Real Estate App 2This will give users access to their own posts and pictures that they have uploaded on their Timeline page. You can also make use of the “Share” button located at the bottom right corner of your post as well as on any page where it is applicable. By clicking on this button, users can easily share any content they find interesting with their friends or family members using various social networks like Twitter or Instagram etcetera. 

As far as branding goes, there are many ways in which one can go about doing so with regards to their business name because not every business needs to be branded differently from each other; however, there are some things that need to be considered when it comes time for making decisions about how best one should go about establishing their brand identity so that others may recognize it. 

People love to talk on the phone with real people. This is why Facebook has a great customer service system in that it allows users to reach out to brands and get answers. This is important if you want your brand to be approachable, since talking to buyers also increases the chances of you making a sale. 

A cool feature you can have is setting automated messages to help with customer service. This is a good way to get a sense of what your customers want to know and helps ensure they get some answers even if you are offline!


Facebook is a great platform for businesses to use as a way to reach their customers. However, not all companies are using Facebook correctly. One of the most important things to remember when using Facebook is that you need to be able to create custom CTAs or Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that will help increase conversions in a single post. 

Custom CTAs are important because they allow you to lead your audience toward your website or other destinations on your website that they may not have been directed toward yet. This means more than just getting more clicks and views; it also means more leads and sales! 

Another great thing about Facebook is that it allows people to have custom CTAs, or Call to Actions, on their posts. These are important since people tend to not engage with a post if they do not see a way to reach the person posting from the get-go. 


College of Real Estate CORE Benefits of Facebook for Real Estate WorkAdding a custom CTA allows you to increase the conversions done in a single post. You can set them to say “Book Now” or “Contact Us” and lead them to your page or website. You can also set the CTA to say “Watch Video” and direct them to a video tour of a property you are selling.

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